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  AVILA Student residential complex
  The apartments range from approx. 16 m to 44 m in size, and feature a bathroom with shower, as well as a kitchenette. Newly built apartments (houses 2 to 6), as well as the majority of the apartments in the old building, are furnished. Yet there is still room for giving the apartment a personal touch.

In the double apartments in houses 2 and 6, the residents share a kitchen and bathroom. In the maisonette apartments in houses 3, 4, and 5 offered for single occupation, the facilities are shared due to the two-storey nature of the apartments. The study area is on the lower floor, the sleeping area on the top floor. The old building's larger residential units are particularly well suited to communal use by two people. There are also single apartments to cater to the wishes of individuals. The majority of these residential units are around 22 m in size. Larger apartments are available in the old building as well as on the top floor of house 6. Wheelchair-accessible apartments are available on the ground floor of house 6.

The apartments also feature Internet and TV connections, as well as TV access.

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