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  As a result of the German Katholikentag ("Catholic Day") festival, Cardinal Julius Dpfner founded petruswerk as a charitable organisation of the Berlin diocese on 8th August 1958. Under pressure from destitute citizens, the uncertainty of the post-war period, and the deep crisis of a divided Berlin, the diocese's newly founded housing and settlement company began constructing housing for a broad section of the populace.

In 1989, new possibilities opened up for petruswerk. The fall of the wall and the dissolution of the borders provided the opportunity for new economic involvement in the eastern part of Berlin and Brandenburg. To expand its property portfolio, petruswerk acquired development sites and buildings in need of modernisation and restoration which were located beyond the borders of the former West Berlin. In the years that followed, these sites were developed into housing estates, whose housing units were successfully sold to owner-occupiers At the same time, petruswerk took over the management of numerous rental properties in the former eastern part of the diocese.

A new era dawned for petruswerk in 2003, when the company was taken over by AVILA Holding, directed by Dr Douglas Fernando. petruswerk was turned into a subsidiary company, with the core task of managing the Group's owner-occupied and rental properties, as well as those of third parties.

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